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Cute Spring Family Portrait Session in Joshua Tree National Park

Join in on all the cuteness from this adorable family session in the iconic Joshua Tree National Park. Bet you can't resist saying, "Aw"!

Family portrait session in Joshua Tree National Park.

The outdoors has a way of inviting positive vibes into our lives.. But add in being at a magical place like Joshua Tree National Park, perfect spring weather, sunshine, sandals, and warm snuggles, and now you've got yourself the perfect recipe for beautiful family moments begging to be captured!

Family snuggles in Joshua Tree National Park.

You can't give the sunshine all credit for this warm glow! Just sayin'.

Whether she's a little thing sitting on daddy's lap or a beautiful bride dancing with her papa on her wedding day, I will NEVER tire of seeing the incredible bond that can exist between a father and his precious daughter. #daddyslittlegirl #daddyanddaughtertime

Fun and silly play time between a father and his little daughter sitting on his lap.

Every family is unique and made up of even smaller unique bonds between its individual members. I try to make it a point at every family session to capture as many facets of all the different relationships that exists within that family. Its amazing how meaningful these tiny captured moments become as the years go by.

Joshua Tree National Park is like no where else! With its vastness and unique beauty you just can't help but let the week's stresses and worries disappear as quickly as your cell signal (LOL)... and allow your natural self to come out and connect more deeply and effortlessly with those you care for most. Though my time with each family is limited I try to tap into these emotions and capture them as authentically as possible. #familyisforever #familytimeisthebest #familylove

Family of three sitting on a blanket on top of a rock in Joshua Tree National Park.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed the cuteness overload as much as I did. Let me know your thoughts and if you have a favorite image from this Joshua Tree National Park family portrait session. Take care and may the warm Southern California sunshine find you wherever you are! #joshuatreenationalpark #familysession

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