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How I got here.

An unexpected turn...An unforeseen blessing

Little did I know when I woke up Saturday morning on April 30, 2011 that that day would mark a turning point in my life.  Like many others who have experienced the shock and pain of a major car accident my world was flipped upside down that day!


About a year went by and I still was unable to return to my love of oil painting due to a now bad right shoulder, nor did I have the strength and stamina to hold a steady job.  Feeling useless and trapped I couldn’t help but start feeling depressed without even a creative outlet to help me cope.


Thankfully I have a caring husband who understood my NEED for creativity and came up with the wonderful solution of ordering a DSLR camera for me! I will forever be grateful for his thoughtfulness!! Never would I have imagined that portrait photography could challenge and excite me as much as my years of playing musical instruments, drawing, and painting had!!


Not only has it brought me the pleasure of learning a new art, but it has pleasantly surprised me in its power to impact lives!  Seeing the tears well up in a bride’s eye as she looks through her wedding album filled with images that beautifully documented the details and emotions her special day; or seeing the smiles on parents' faces as they proudly display a large gorgeous canvas print of their family portrait on their living room wall; or the gasp of joyous surprise when someone sees their beauty captured so radiantly for the first time as they hold their stunning portrait prints in their hands in amazed disbelief that they are truly seeing themselves!  


These and many other precious experiences where only made possible due to my new passion of photography.  So yes... my life had taken a very unexpected turn that day in April, but out of it came a whole new joy and journey that I am grateful for, and a gift I hope I can now share with you. "



- Noemy

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